Ultimate Rust Repair

For car and motorcycle guys, there’s nothing worse than rust. It’s like a cancer that destroys the machines we love and we’ll try anything if it’ll give us a chance at bringing an old metal beauty back to life. At least that’s how the car and motorcycle guys who developed Mastercoat felt.

Developed by car and motorcycle guys for car and motorcycle guys, Mastercoat Metal Prep and Rust Remover is a fast acting rust remover that can eat through rust in as fast as five minutes. Unlike the competition, our product contains zinc and can keep stored parts free of rust for an entire year. Our product is reusable and is available in quarts, half gallons, and gallons.

Mastercoat Metal Prep and Rust Remover is the perfect weapon against light to moderate surface rust. Our remover has a detergent effect against grease and oil and neutralizes rust from the inside out. Because of it’s powerful rust fighting abilities, Mastercoat also works as a pre-paint metal treatment to fight the formation of rust on metal surfaces and can prolong the life of your paint job by years.

Mastercoat Metal Prep and Rust Remover is so easy to apply that even an amateur restorer can use it. Our product can be sprayed, brushed, or wiped on metal surfaces. Simply apply it to surfaces and let it sit before lightly scrubbing. Allow the product more time to soak into the rust on heavier rust formations. Scruff areas of rust with a nylon pad until the surface is smooth and clean. With the surface of the metal still wet with Mastercoat, use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the metal in an even direction – not in a circular motion.

After wiping the area clean, soak any remaining rust spots with a shop towel or clean cloth for between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Buff the remaining rust spots with a buffing pad and rewet with Mastercoat. Buff the area again until the rust is removed and dry the area with a paper towel – you should not let the area air dry. While you dry the area, remember to wipe in a smooth and even direction, not in circles. Allow the surface to dry for 2-3 hours, reapply Mastercoat, dry with a lint free cloth, allow another 2-3 hours for the Mastercoat to cure, apply primer, and paint.

Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover is excellent for cleaning out and helping prevent the formation of rust in gas tanks. The Mastercoat solution will dissolve the rust and etch the galvanized metal to ensure an even distribution of the solution over the surface area.

In the event of an accident, Mastercoat can be neutralized with regular tap water.

After just one use, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover and trust it to protect all of your favorite metal surfaces. For more information on how to order your own supply of rust remover, contact Mastercoat today.

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The Mastercoat® Difference. Mastercoat® Primer / Sealer / Surfacer Stops Rust Longer Than the Others.

Mastercoat® Permanent Rust Sealer/Surfacer/Primer is the industry standard for all types of projects dealing with rust–from bridges to antique cars to subway systems. Unlike epoxies, Mastercoat® Primer will run thousands of hours of salt spray resistance. Automotive epoxies will generally run 500-1000 hours. Many shops use our primer as a base to prevent comebacks. Buy Mastercoat® Primer here!

NEW! Now introducing our higher build version of Mastercoat® Permanent Rust Sealer: Mastercoat® EXTREME for the deepest pits! It’s also toothier for topcoat adhesion. It has a paste-like consistency for deep pitting. Do you find using metal body fillers time consuming and tedious? Mastercoat EXTREME® has you covered. It’s as easy as reducing and shooting through your gun to fill in those pits, even in contours. $42.95 per quart. Buy it here!


Mastercoat® AG111 is the ultimate chassis paint. It does 14,000 hours of salt spray, is UV stable, and will not rust beyond a scratch! Compare that to KBS, POR-15, and the others.

Designed for the subway systems where graffiti and corrosion are major problems, our super durable and UV stable AG111 is unsurpassed for chassis protection. One quart does an ENTIRE ROLLING CHASSIS!

SPECIAL! MASTERCOAT® ULTIMATE CHASSIS KIT AVAILABLE FOR $74.95. Includes QUART of AG111 with hardener, QUART of Mastercoat® Sealer/Primer/Surfacer, and QUART of MCT101 thinner.

Rust Remover For Cars \
This 1938 Packard radiator shell was severely pitted under the hood ornament. Three coats of Mastercoat® Permanent Rust Sealer Silver followed by lacquer primer and paint, produced a flawless, show quality finish. Mastercoat® Silver is the ONLY type of moisture cured urethane that is air tight! Resin blocks the moisture, and aluminum pigment cuts off the oxygen. Unlike the others, Mastercoat® Silver is also UV STABLE, paintable, sandable.

What makes Mastercoat® different than the others? Click here to find out!

The MasterSeries Coating Line was founded in 1988 because we wanted the most powerful rust sealers and topcoats in the world. Our permanent rust sealer has demonstrated for the last 30 years that nothing outperforms it in salt spray tests. Our salt spray tests run from 8000 to 14,000 hours. Our AG111 anti-graffiti subway coating withstood constant washing with solvents and alkali cleaner, when used on NYCTA subway cars. At the end of 10 years, the subway cars still maintained a high gloss and color retention.  This is excellent for chassis and underbody protection on any vehicle.

Industrial Rust Remove
Unlike the competition, sunlight is not a problem for Mastercoat®.

Stops rust permanently and levels heavy pitting…GUARANTEED!

“The best bar none!” – Auto Restorer Magazine, June 2000.

NEW PRODUCTS! We have high grade premium industrial floor coatings in both epoxies and urethanes, with and without flakes, and anti-slip at prices below the competition. Call us or email us for information and ordering!

We can ship to Canada! Please email us for rates.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can email us at pmmasterseries@gmail.com or you can call us at 1-800-833-8933 from 9am-5pm EST. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Not happy with your clear coat? Try our new AC2000, an aircraft grade clear coat that offers outstanding gloss, chip resistance and durability!

This clear coating is used on commercial jet aircraft, offers an extreme high gloss, and is far superior to your average automotive clear coats. This clear sands and buffs out beautifully, is fast drying, low odor, has great chip resistance, and will provide many years of outstanding service. Also available in gloss black, hot rod black (satin), white, bright red, and fleet colors upon request. Click here for more info and to buy it now!